Special Maple Leaf Hours

Baker University Archives: Friday 8-4:30, Saturday 8-12:00

Old Castle Museum: Saturday and Sunday 1-4:00

Quayle Bible Collection: 10-4:00 Saturday and Sunday


Baker Walking Tour

Starting at Old Castle Museum, the first college building in Kansas, museum director Sara DeCaro will host a guided walking tour of Baker University.

It will include:

  • Exploration of Baker’s beautiful autumn campus

  • A visit to the Old Castle Museum, housed in the first college building in Kansas

  • Stops at the buildings on campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • A look inside Osborne Chapel, a church originally built in Sproxton, England and dedicated on Baker’s campus by Margaret Thatcher

  • Information about Baker’s rich past and role in state and local history

    Donations are appreciated and will benefit the Old Castle Museum. All ages welcome.


Quayle exhibit

Beyond a Text: The Life of Scripture Outside of the Words

On display September 2018 through May 2019

Since its conception, the Bible has been more than a mere book. However, the majority of readers believe the words and their meanings are what make the text special. The average reader may not consider the paper on which the Bible is printed, the shape of the letters, or even the language in which the text is written. The 2018-2019 exhibit of the Quayle Bible Collection will showcase the intricacies of the written word and its ornamentations that make the production of the Bible a special work.